Nowadays, there has been a huge demand for Mobile Automation testers, specially Appium tool on Android and ios platforms.Appium detailed Training Course that helps you master in Automating Mobile app test cases using Appium. You will learn about the Android Studio,Working on Android and ios platforms alogn with Maven TestNG features.


Module-1: Java Essentials for Appium

Module-2: Introduction to Mobile Testing and Appium

  • Importance of Mobile Phones
  • Various Mobile Operating Systems
  • Types of Mobile Apps
  • Available Mobile Testing Tools
  • Why Appium?
  • Advantages & Limitations of Appium
  • What is am Appium
  • Appium Architecture

  • Module-3: Environment setup

    Module-4: APK File, Simulators, Emulators and real devices

  • What is APK file?
  • What is Emulator & Simulators
  • Real Device Vs Simulator Vs Emulator Testing

  • Module-5: Creating Virtual Device using Android studio - AVD Manager

  • Android Studio & Create Virtual Device using AVD Manger
  • SDK Manger in Android Studio
  • What is adb under SDK Platform tools & it’s usage

  • Module-6: Install APK(Mobile App) on Virtual Device & Real Device using Appium Desktop

  • Vysor App
  • Real Divice/Mobile settings
  • How to install apk file on Real device using Appium Desktop/server

  • Module-7: Install apk file on Real device using adb.exe

  • Ways to install APK file(App) on Mobile devices(Virtual/Real device)
  • Install APK(Mobile App) on Real Device using adb.exe

  • Module-8: Object Locators and Techniques

  • Identify Elements using Appium inspector
  • Identify Elements using uiautomator
  • Locating Elements on the App
  • What all can be locatable
  • Locating elements within elements
  • Locating multiple elements
  • Find Element By Android UIAutomator
  • Exploring UIAutomator API
  • Finding Elements by ClassName
  • Finding Elements by ids
  • Finding Elements by Xpaths
  • adb commands

  • Module-9: Configure Eclipse IDE

  • Appium Client Library
  • Selenium stand-alone server
  • Adding libraries to Project Build Path

  • Module-10: Developing Script for Install Apk file(App)

  • Script for Install Apk file(App) on Real Device
  • Script for Install Apk file(App) on Virtual Device

  • Module-11: Working with Native,Web & Hybrid Apps on Android devices

    Handling different types of Elements

  • Script for Install Apk file(App) on Virtual Device
  • Switches
  • Drop-down
  • Alerts
  • Drag & Drop
  • Horizontal scroll
  • Vertical Scrolling
  • Text box, Check boxes & Radio buttons
  • Expandable list
  • Date Picker/Time
  • Spinner
  • SeekBar
  • RatingStar
  • Capture Screenshot
  • Swipe Touch
  • Capture the screenshot
  • TouchActions and Events – Handling user gestures

  • Overview on System/built-in apps and identifying package and activity names

  • Adding a new contact to Phonebook
  • WebApp Test – Automating Web based testing on Chrome Browser
  • Hybrid App Test – messaging
  • Hybrid App Test – Calculator
  • Hybrid App Test – Dailer

  • Module-12: Working with IOS Apps on Mac OS

  • Setting up Environment on Mac to test IOS Applications using Appium
  • XCode & UICatalog Ios app
  • How Build UICatalog iOS App using Xcode & How Open with Appium Desktop Tool
  • How to install IOS App on Simulator using script
  • Identifying Elements on IOS App
  • Handling Alerts on IOS App
  • Handling Acton Sheets
  • Handling Wheelers(Picker View)
  • Handling Date Picker

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