Every software company needs quality testers without which no software can be released. This comprehensive manual software testing training course will take you through the process of software testing which includes planning, scheduling, test scenarios, error analysis, and so on. It includes various types of testing like performance testing, regression testing, text execution, preventive measures, generating test reports and test metrics.


Module-1: Software Testing Concepts

  • Project Vs Product
  • V-Model
  • QA & QC & QE
  • Different Levels of Software Testing
  • White Box & Black Box Testing
  • Static Testing & Dynamic Testing
  • Verification & Validation
  • System Testing Types
  • GUI Testing
  • Functional & Non-Functional Testing
  • Test Design Techniques
  • Re-Testing & Regression testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Adhoc Testing
  • Sanity & Smoke Testing
  • End-To-End Testing
  • STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)
  • Use case, Test scenario & Test case
  • Test Environment and Execution
  • Defect Reporting
  • Test Closure
  • Test Metrics

  • Module-2: Software Testing Project

  • Project introduction
  • Understanding Functional Requirements from FRS
  • Creating Test Scenarios
  • Creating Test Cases
  • Test Execution
  • Bug Reporting & Tracking
  • Test Sign off

  • Module-3: Agile Testing + Jira Tool

    Agile and Scrum Process

  • What is Scrum and Scrum Team
  • What is Sprint
  • What is User Story
  • How to give story points / How to estimate user story
  • What is Definition of Done and Definition of Ready
  • Different Sprint Activities:
  • Sprint Planning / Backlog Refinement / Sprint Review / Sprint Retrospective

  • Jira Tool

  • How to install and configure JIRA tool
  • How to create an EPIC/User Stories in JIRA
  • Creating sprints in Jira
  • Sprint life cycle in JIRA
  • Backlogs in JIRA
  • Creating bugs in Jira
  • How to write test cases in JIRA with Zephyr plugin
  • Creating Test Cycles and Execute Test cases in Jira


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