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Course Outline
  • Learning the Selenium Architecture and its related components
  • Finding out the test elements making use of Locators
  • Automating Web elements
  • Conducting the handling process of Alerts and Multiple windows operation
  • Authenticating the page contents making use of Selenium WebDriver
  • Drafting Tests using Python Unittest anf pyTest frameworks
  • Learning the process of creating and running of the Test Suits using pyTest
  • Developing Reusable automation Tests
  • Making use and implementation of WebDriver advanced features e.g. taking screenshots, handling cookies and for managing Exceptions
  • Developing Data driven, Keyword driven and Hybrid test frameworks
  • Managing Cross browser testing
  • Conducting Cross platform testing with windows, unix and mac etc.
  • Performing distributed automation testing using Selenium GRID
  • Scheduling Tests with Jenkins

  • Any fresh graduates, students, working professionals, manual testers & who wish to learn this course in order to transform as an Automation Test Engineer can go for this course. Selenium is the best automation testing tool that is in demand in the Software Testing Industry in india, usa, canada, uk, australia etc.. People having the fundamental knowledge of the Object Oriented programming tools can easily join for this course.

    Module-1 : Python Programming

  • Getting started with python
  • Installing Python3
  • Running python programs
  • Datatype & Variables
  • Python numbers
  • Python Strings
  • Python Lists
  • Python Dictionaries
  • Python Tuples
  • Datatype conversion
  • Python Control Statements
  • Python Functions
  • Python Loops
  • Python Mathematical Function
  • Python Generating Random numbers
  • Python File Handling
  • Python Object and Classes
  • Python Operator Overloading
  • Python inheritance and polymorphism
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Python Modules
  • Python *args and **kwargs
  • Python Generators
  • Python Regular Expression
  • Installing packages in python using PIP
  • Python recursive functions
  • Python Lambda Function
  • Python String Formatting
  • Python Built-in Functions
  • Access MySQL Database using Python MySQLdb module
  • How to read and write files
  • How to read and write CSV files
  • Reading and Writing JSON in Python
  • Logging in Python

  • Module-2 : Selenium WebDriver with Python

  • Introduction to WebDriver and architecture
  • WebDriver features and drawbacks
  • Install Selenium with Python
  • Run tests on Chrome, Firefox & IE
  • Locators in Selenium
  • Types of Locators - name, id,cssSelector & Xpath
  • Capturing Xpath & ChroPath plug-in
  • Difference Between Absolute And Relative Xpath
  • Writing Xpath
  • Built-in functions in XPath
  • Handling Dynamic elements using Xpath

  • Module-3 : WebDriver Commands

  • Basic commands
  • Close & Quite
  • Conditional commands
  • waits - implit wait & explit wait
  • Navigation commands

  • Module-4 : Working with WebElements-Part1

  • Inputboxes
  • Dropdown boxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Links
  • Alerts/Popups
  • Frames/Iframes
  • Browser windows
  • Web Tables
  • Date Picker
  • Scroll Webpage

  • Module-5 : Working with WebElements-Part2

  • Mouse actions
  • Mouse Hover
  • Right click
  • Double click
  • Drag and Drop
  • Resize
  • Slider
  • Upload files
  • Download files

  • Module-6 Data Driven testing(Excel)

  • What is data driven testing?
  • Read data from Excel file
  • Write data into Excel file
  • Excel Utilities Class
  • Data Driven testing using Microsoft Excel

  • Module-7 Advanced Concepts

  • Taking screen shots
  • Handling Cookies
  • Logging

  • Module-8: Python UnitTest Framework

  • Introduction Python UnitTest Framework
  • Python UnitTest Methods
  • Skipping tests
  • Python UnitTest Assertions
  • Batch Testing- Creating Test Suites & Managing test suites

  • Module-9: Python PyTest Framework

  • Pytest Installation and Getting Started
  • Working with PyTest Fixtures
  • Run Multiple Tests in PyTest
  • Maintain Run order of Tests
  • Return a value from Fixtures
  • Pytest HTML Plugin
  • Pytest HTML Report

  • Module-10: Automation Frameworks

  • What is Framework?
  • Types of Frameworks
  • Prerequisites for designing frameworks
  • Implementation of Hybrid Driven Framework

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    I hesitated to take up online class as I thought , the classes will not offer two way communication . But Pavan proved it wrong , I had an excellent time during the classes because all the questions were answered during the class . The content of course was framed to learn everything from basic to high level The examples used , can make anyone to remember the concepts . Pavan frequently checked assignments and gave review , which gave one motivation to work more .He could be reached anytime for any clarification . I would strongly recommend this online session and definitely with Pavan.

    Manith Mathews

    Pavan is engaging, responsive to questions, clear and an excellent instructor.Excellent!! Very thorough, well organized, good pace.... particularly like the way the course has helped my knowledge build up gradually and systematically. An amazing amount of resources(website) to practice the lesson learned in the class. I went into this course with a bare understanding of Selenium and now I HAVE the knowledge, not just the web driver but a Selenium Framework.If you want to take ANY Selenium course, THIS is the course.Pavan put in an amazing amount of effort into this course. Follow along, do the work and you will be Amazing too.The depth with which Pavan has handled to teach Selenium is unmatchable!! I am really pleased with it.Definitely, in the future, I will take another course with him.


    Pavan is a really good teacher. Very knowledgeable and has lot of patience to clear each and every doubt of their students. Thank you Sir for teaching so well. you made learning coding easy and fun for us , I was so hesitant before joining this course but your teaching style,patience, and supportive attitude encouraged me and made coding easier for me now I am Proud Automation Tester.


    Pavan is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys his knowledge in a very understandable manner. He has an art of making complex things easy and smooth to understand by repeating the concepts over and over again until we get it properly. Individual approach, great advice, positive attitude, generous and humble, very easy going are Pavan's qualities to name a few.Highly recommended!!

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