I recently completed an online SDET training course with Pavan. Initially I had several apprehensions about how an online training would work for me and also about the quality and pace of the training and trainer support. These were all put to ease when I attended the first demo session. This was truly the best training I have come across. The course was very well structured with extremely comprehensive training resources. Pavan ensured the course was properly paced, giving me plenty of time to understand and absorb the content and would promptly respond to any queries I had. He is not only an expert in his field but is also very passionate about providing the best level of training to his students. I would highly recommend him and this training to anyone who wants to expand their testing skills and improve their employability to excel in the current competitive software testing market.

Kavita Malhotra


I was hesitant to take up an online automation course at first, but now I love it. All thanks to Pavan! Pavan teaches with lots of patience and commitment and is very responsive to emails as well. The course not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. I enjoyed being able to learn from Pavan, and the fact that it's online, giving me lifetime access to the course material. He is an amazing teacher, very kind and helpful, and extremely punctual with his timings. Because of his friendly nature even small and silly doubts can be clarified without any hesitation. After completion of the course, I was also provided with all the necessary materials and useful links to be able to practice Automation and Java programming independently. I urge anyone considering Automation to join Pavan’s Online Automation Classes, even if you have no prior experience. It's an investment that pays off.


Brampton ON

Pavan is engaging, responsive to questions, clear and an excellent instructor.Excellent!! Very thorough, well organized, good pace.... particularly like the way the course has helped my knowledge build up gradually and systematically. An amazing amount of resources(website) to practice the lesson learned in the class. I went into this course with a bare understanding of Selenium and now I HAVE the knowledge, not just the web driver but a Selenium Framework.If you want to take ANY Selenium course, THIS is the course.Pavan put in an amazing amount of effort into this course. Follow along, do the work and you will be Amazing too.The depth with which Pavan has handled to teach Selenium is unmatchable!! I am really pleased with it.Definitely, in the future, I will take another course with him.


Toronto, Canada

Hello all, I think best automation course I have ever taken was with Pavan. Thank you so much Pavan. Course was very well structured, pace was very good and Pavan was very patient enough to answer our queries. I am now confidant about QA automation . Thanks..

Rakhee Chakithaya

Ontario, Canada

Pavan is a very good trainer. He is really knowledgeable about the Automation testing and he explains elaborately with real time examples and with correct pace for us to understand. He is patient enough to answer any questions and explain any number of times we require. He really makes any topic sound simple and tries to explain with different approaches in case of doubts and makes us feel really confident. Thanks Pavan.


Ontario, Canada

Hi, Such a wonderful experience with both manual and automation testing instructor.Automation training with pavan was really interesting and learn depth of the subject provides confidence for industry,Keep it up.Thanks



I am writing this to thank you.It is all because of your videos i am able to crack an interview of a dream job. I had zero knowledge on several topics but after watching your videos I became a pro in that. Your content is highly beneficial. The step by step way you demonstrate and explain everything makes us super comfortable and makes the overall learning journey very easy. Thank you sir for such a commendable work.We are lucky to have a teacher like you on such a platform!!! You are doing an amazing work,Keep it up..:)

Divya Singh


Pavan is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys his knowledge in a very understandable manner. He has an art of making complex things easy and smooth to understand by repeating the concepts over and over again until we get it properly. Individual approach, great advice, positive attitude, generous and humble, very easy going are Pavan's qualities to name a few.Highly recommended!!

Harpreet N


I have written this to pay my gratitude for what I have learnt from your videos of different courses in YouTube. Due to gap in my experience I was not very much confident to start a new job and I was not able to resume my job back in India due to COVID. After learning through series of videos and was pretty confident.I cleared 5 rounds of interviews and earned offer letter from one of the Company of Canada .I worked hard to complete all the courses with hands-on in 1 month.I can not thankyou enough.You are doing good work by changing life of others.🙏🙏 Thanks a lot sir.

Julie Prasad

Bolton, Ontario, Canada

Pavan is an excellent teacher. He explains every topic with examples and makes the complex topics easy to understand. Responds to every query and explains well. After the course, we'll feel pretty confident in doing automation testing. Thanks very much Pavan.

Radhika Shaji

Mississauga, Canada

In the beginning of Automation course,I was hesitant to go for online class.But all thanks for giving me the opportunity to get online automation knowledge from such a brilliant instructor Mr. Pavan. His way of organizing the content is awesome.I will do my level best to reflect all the knowledge which I've gained through this online course, in my job career.

Nidhi Bhatia

Brampton, Canada

This Automation course helped me a lot and brought significant improvement to my skills and resume. Pavan is such an amazing instructor. He is so generous in sharing effective techniques. I learn how to deal with different scenarios in writing automation script. I like the content of the course and how it was being taught, it was engaging. He taught a lot more than we expected to learn. Thank you so much Pavan. I definitely recommend him to those who want to continue Automation and who craves for more to go up in the next level.

Sharon Cabacungan

Toronto, Canada

Hello this is Happy A. from QA automation evening batch. I would like to deliver my thought concerning my teacher. Mr. Pavan is a good communicator, a very good listener and of course a fantastic teacher. Mr. Pavan, I must say that you are truly passionate about the material you teach. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the hard work you’re putting into your online live class. Your support made us motivated. Because you were optimistic that we could succeed, I believed that we would succeed. Thank you very much for answering our questions, even when you had gone over the material several times. Thank you very much for showing us something that we never knew we were good at. Thank you very much for believing in us.

Happy Aktaroronto


Pavan is an excellent instructor. He explains the concepts very well from Basics to Advanced topics. He has a lot of patience in answering our questions. This course has helped me a lot to get the required confidence in entering the job market. Thank you very much Pavan.



It was an excellent training. The trainer had very in-depth knowledge and was able to handle any of the questions asked spontaneously at point of time during the complete training course. In depth coverage of Framework Design. And Yes, I am still learning to implement the framework by learning through the videos.


California, USA

Pavan is an excellent instructor. He explains the concepts very well from Basics to Advanced topics. He has a lot of patience in answering our questions. This course has helped me a lot to get the required confidence in entering the job market. Thank you very much Pavan.


Mississauga, Canada

The instructor, Pavan, possesses very good knowledge and immense hands on experience in Selenium and Java. He explained the concepts very well and it helped me a lot in the job interviews. Pavan never hesitated to explain the concepts a second time or clearing doubts. I felt that the online classes were much better than an in class session. I wish Pavan and BusyQA all the very best.


Toronto, Canada

I would like to thank BusyQA for giving me such a wonderful teacher. Pavan sir has very good knowledge on the concepts and the way he deliver classes are awesome. Even though I don't have any experience in Software Testing , I refer to his website and has gained a lot of knowledge on testing. He used to send each and every testing concepts other than Selenium. I never thought that online classes are so powerful as in class training. Pavan sir is ready to explain whenever I have doubts. I really enjoy his classes. Highly recommended teacher.



It is really pleasure to write you that you give me a good knowledge of automation testing. I hope in the future you will be my guidance. Once again thank you so much.

Priyanka Gupta


Pavan is a really good teacher. Very knowledgeable and has lot of patience to clear each and every doubt of his students. Thank you Pavan Sir for teaching so well. For someone like me with a non technical background it has helped me a lot by attending his classes.



I am quite confident on writing automation frameworks and have better understanding of JAVA ,TestNG and POM. I like the way the course is structured and taught us. I can design frameworks now by my own. I can automate any web based application and write POM and framework for the same.



Pavan is the best and expertise instructor in selenium, his explanation is very clear and taught each concept in detail, he is well organized, provided us structured training which we can apply for real time working environment, the assignment he provided us for the project was successful from the beginning to the end of the project , at the beginning i was scared and unfamiliar about many concepts. But now this is my best software testing automation tool. Thanks Pavan.



was not sure about the quality of online courses until coming to Mr. Pavan's Automation Testing class. He is very much experienced, share the most important knowledge which will be very useful in real life or what was required by students. He is very organized, very professional, imparts knowledge competitively and makes it easy to understand, and also very considerable in class. Gorgeous!thumbsup. As such I believe the Co-op session will also be highly anticipated.

Julia Zhu


Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to join Mr. Pavan's automation class.He is really dynamic person and motivator.Because of his classes I developed my confidence in automation testing.


Mississauga, Canada

I really feel blessed to have PAVAN as my testing tutor. As a science background student I have no idea about programming skills, but he is making it so simple for me to understand each and every concept of java programming step by step for better understanding.Its totally worthy to choose him #Thank you sir#



Pavan is a really good teacher. Very knowledgeable and has lot of patience to clear each and every doubt of their students. Thank you Sir for teaching so well. you made learning coding easy and fun for us , I was so hesitant before joining this course but your teaching style,patience, and supportive attitude encouraged me and made coding easier for me now I am Proud Automation Tester.

Afshan Ansari


I am very happy to choose Pavan sir's class. The best thing in him is the way of delivering the concept. Its simply awesome. He will maintain the consistency from the beginning to the end of all the classes. Thank you very much for giving me such a great start up for our career.

Hari Priya


Pavan is an amazing trainer and he has an excellent knowledge of selenium. I learned a lot during my course. The best thing with Pavan is that he is very systematic in teaching and I feel even the students who do not have any knowledge or any experience in coding can easily learn selenium with java from him. I will definitely take another course with him in future. Thank you very much Pavan and keep doing your good work.


Toronto, Canada

I hesitated to take up online class as I thought , the classes will not offer two way communication . But Pavan proved it wrong , I had an excellent time during the classes because all the questions were answered during the class . The content of course was framed to learn everything from basic to high level The examples used , can make anyone to remember the concepts . Pavan frequently checked assignments and gave review , which gave one motivation to work more .He could be reached anytime for any clarification . I would strongly recommend this online session and definitely with Pavan.


Toronto, Ontario

Pavan is a Fantastic and Great teacher for Online Automation for SELENIUM with Java.Absolutely 100% recommended teacher both delivering his concepts and way of teaching highly understandable for Non IT and Non technical background students also.He teaches us each and every module very understandable way and details oriented so that student should get and do a job with great confidence.



Pavan has been an excellent teacher and is very well organized and detailed. Covering a large topic such as end to end automation in a short amount of time with detail is not an easy task but made easy by Pavan. I highly recommend training with him.


Toronto, Canada

First of all a big thanks for training me on Selenium, You make the complex things look simple and i will definetely suggest my friends from manual testing to take classes from you on selenium.

Shiv Prasad


Your videos help me a lot to grab 2 offers in Selenium

Sushil Patil

Pune, Maharashtra, India
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