touch, pwd & ls Commands in Unix/Linux

ls : List Files 


ls -l   : shows file or directory, size, modified date and time, file or folder name and owner of file and its permission.


ls -a   : view hidden files

touch .myfile.txt

ls -a

ls -l -a : detailed listing files along with hiddwn files

ls -F : will add the ‘/’ Character at the end each directory.

ls -r : display files and directories in reverse order.


ls -R : displays directories along with sub subdirectories


ls -lS : displays file size in order, will display big in size first.


ls -l Documents : list files under directory Documents


wild card characters


? Single character

* Multiple characters

[ ] Range of values


ls ?.*

Output: a.doc  b.doc  c.doc  x.txt  y.txt


ls ?.doc

Output: a.doc  b.doc  c.doc

ls ?.txt

Output: x.txt  y.txt

ls a* Displays files which are starting with \’a\’

Output: abc.doc  a.doc


Range(Displays files starting with a to z)

ls [a-z]*.*

ls [a-c]*.*

ls [a-z]*.txt


rm ?.* Removes the files with single character

rm *.txt Removes the files with extension txt

rm *.doc Removes the files with extension txt

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