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Course Outline

  • This Course you will able to understand how to test API's and webservices in Postman and SOAPUI tools using different features available.

  • You will aslo learn how to automate API's using RestAssured API in Java

  • Freshers
  • Manual and Automation Test Engineers
  • Manual Testers
  • Proficient IT professionals who are willing to switch their field of work towards Testing field.
  • Aspirants willing to work as "Freelance Test Engineers"

  • Module1: Basics of API & Web services Testing

  • What is Client and Server?
  • Client Server architecture
  • Presentation, Business & Database Layer
  • What is Request & Response
  • What is API
  • What is API Testing
  • API Testing VS Unit Testing
  • What is Web Service
  • Difference between API & Web service
  • Components of Web services ( WSDL & UDDI)
  • Types of Web services
  • SOAP VS Rest services
  • URI, URL & URN
  • API/Web service testing challenges
  • Web Service API testing tools
  • Web services API Testing process
  • What to test in Webservices /API Testing
  • Status Codes
  • Examples of Web service API's

  • Module 2: API Testing using Postman

  • Download and Install Postman
  • Postman Navigation
  • Creating Requests & Analyzing Response
  • Request Parameters in Postman
  • Postman Collections
  • End to End test case(GET , POST, PUT , DELETE)
  • Basic Authentication in Postman
  • Test and Collection Runner in Postman
  • Workflows in Postman
  • Pre-Request Script in Postman
  • Variables in POSTMAN
  • Environment/Global variables
  • Adding Postman Environment
  • Postman workspace
  • How to share collections in workspaces
  • Postman Coding
  • Data Driven testing using Json & CSV files
  • How to Run data-driven Tests
  • JSON, XML & HTML Payloads
  • Authorization Types in Postman
  • Run Postman tests in command Line
  • Generating Reports in Postman
  • Real Time Examples - Facebook API
  • Importing Facebook API's into Postman
  • How to handle SOAP Web service Requests in Postman

  • Module 3: SOAPUI (Functional Testing)

  • What is SoapUI? Why to use SoapUI
  • How to Download and Install SoapUI
  • GUI components of SoapUI
  • How to create a SOAP API Project
  • How to add WSDL
  • How to create Test Suite - Test Cases
  • How to add Assertions
  • Run Test Step - Test Case - Test Suite
  • How to run in sequence and in parallel
  • How to create API Documentation
  • Create a REST Project
  • Add a REST request
  • How to add request parameters
  • Create a Test Case
  • Add assertions
  • Run and Validate
  • What are assertions? Why do we add assertions
  • Diff types of assertions in SoapUI
  • What is property in SOAPUI? Why do we use it
  • How to create properties at different levels
  • How to refer properties
  • How to add groovy scripts in SoapUI
  • Property Transfer/Value Transfer
  • Parameterization /Data Driven testing
  • Working with Data Sources in SOAPUI Pro/ReadyAPI
  • Data Driven Testing using Excel file
  • Data Driven Testing using Text File
  • Data Driven Testing using Grid
  • Data Driven Testing using JDBC
  • Data Source - Data Generation
  • Data Source loop and Data Sink
  • How to run a Tests from SOAPUI GUI
  • Generate Reports in SOAPUI
  • How to run a Tests from Command Line
  • Generate reports from Command Line
  • Real Time Examples - Flickr & Google Maps

  • Module 4: SwaggerUI

  • Swagger UI overview
  • The Swagger UI Petstore example
  • Authorize your requests
  • Make a request
  • Verify that your pet was created
  • Some sample Swagger UI doc sites
  • Create a Swagger UI display with an OpenAPI spec document

  • Module 5: Web Service API Automation Testing using REST Assured

  • Introduction to HTTP methods
  • REST Assured Setting up environment (Eclipse, Maven & TestNG)
  • Send GET request using REST-Assured
  • Send POST request using REST-Assured
  • Send PUT request using REST-Assured
  • Send DELETE request using REST-Assured
  • REST-Assured Extracting values from the response.
  • Validating Response codes and status line
  • JSON Schema Validation
  • Validating Headers
  • Rest Assured End-to-End Test Case
  • How to run API tests using Maven CLI
  • Run Rest Assured tests in Jenkins
  • Real world Scenarios

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    Hi I am Rohini, I did my web services testing training course.Pavan is well trained about the all concepts in web service and he was fully focused about the unique techniques about the web service testing…Thank for teaching.


    I really feel blessed to have PAVAN as my testing tutor. As a science background student I have no idea about programming skills, but he is making it so simple for me to understand each and every concept of java programming step by step for better understanding.Its totally worthy to choose him #Thank you sir#


    Pavan is really good at teaching new concepts. Explains in a fashion that you do not have to memorize anything. And the flow of course is so well planned. I find his courses immensely helpful in self learning. He also keeps his courses up to date by adding new content from time to time. There may be very experienced people who would like to teach but not everyone is good at teaching what they know. He is also very prompt in getting back to you if you have questions. I highly recommend him. Keep up the good work, Pavan!


    The concepts that were explained about SOAP UI is very understandable and very clear. I got enough confidence that I can easily face the interview.


    Instructor have given a clear explanation of every topic with real time scenarios.He is responding to my queries as soon as possible.


    Very good course to learn about web services testing using SOAPUI. Detailed explanation of all the required concepts is given.The instructor is very professional in explaining all the details from scratch.


    Pavan is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys his knowledge in a very understandable manner. He has an art of making complex things easy and smooth to understand by repeating the concepts over and over again until we get it properly. Individual approach, great advice, positive attitude, generous and humble, very easy going are Pavan's qualities to name a few.Highly recommended!!

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